Tantra is a path of awakening consciousness through meditative intention and discipline.  It is also known as the Lightning Path To Enlightenment.   In Tantra, all aspects of our humanity are brought into the realm of being sacred.  This sacred science is the art of alchemy - it empowers you to be all that you are.

Tantra literally means “expansion through liberation” and “liberation through expansion.”  In its broadest sense, Tantra encompasses any action or idea whose results aid in expanding your awareness by liberating you from your bonds: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  

Most cultures and mystical systems include some form of Tantra, but it usually is a hidden branch of knowledge practiced only by a daring few.  Tantra is devotion and honoring.  It is first about inner work and unity within yourself.  In that, we come into unite our own masculine and feminine energies, therefore we know how to be in harmony with another.   

It is a high standard of living with consciousness and integrity.  Out of Tantric philosophy a guide for being in beautiful, connected relationships flows and in that there is all the secrets for success in relationship, intimacy and sexual sharing.

Tantric Awareness of the body, mind and spirit is the consciousness of transformation and being that is so sorely lacking in our world.  Tantra intentionally invites more and more awareness to ourselves for self-reflection and personal growth, consciously using the allowance of unconditional love to build, power and navigate your energetic vessel to help you evolve into the fullest being possible and to experience a return to Source, the Cosmic Oneness.

Our mission is to heaven on earth...