HEART AND HANDS Energy Medicine


You are here to shine your light, to live happy and free.  Transformational guidance is offered through consciousness based disciplines for living a healthy, empowered and blissful life.     

We are dedicated to transformation and your personal empowerment.

If you or a loved one is suffering from abuse, neglect, addiction or emotional/spiritual distress, we are here for your support, education and healing.

Our approach brings awareness to self-realization and practices and principals for a life of pure intention, consciousness and spirituality that has the power to transform this earth into a paradise here and now.  As we learn to celebrate being human and embrace contradictions with meditative awareness, we become wise, joyous, sensual, innocent, and sensitive.  When one discovers this heightened sensitivity inside, it becomes impossible to harm another human being or the earth.  The whole of life becomes the abode of the divine, and each moment is sacred. 

Awareness is seen as the key to achieving balance and unity with other people and the world.   By embracing the path of awareness in all things and by nurturing your spirit, everything else to falls into place in a positive way.      

  • Heal from abuse, neglect, addiction and dysfunction
  • Weight and stress management
  • Restore or maintain health through diet, lifestyle and spiritual practice
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Detox Treatment
  • Personal Growth and Transformation

Mission Statement:  It is our mission to provide alternative, holistic solutions and education for transformation and personal empowerment.   The transformational practices and education we offer are for personal transformation with a vision of world peace.