Glacier Goddess Gathering - Woman's Empowerment Circle

As we come out of the Piscean age and into the Age of Aquarius, the shift brings about a lot of tumult.   There is and will be a lot of confusion and people looking for answers and support.  Women at this time are especially called to be strong and be courageous to hold space as we awaken and move out of the paradigm of physical power, control and unconscious relations. 

We are stepping out of the darkest times where women gave birth to the most disempowered, low level of frequency man-child.

As we awaken and come back to our divine rite, our infinite nature and power, we hold this space sacred to give women back their voices, to give them back the power the patriarchal system has deprived them of for too long.  When women come into their power, the world will come into peace and balance.

Each monthly theme will offer education and support specific topics pertaining to awakening consciousness, relationship, intimacy and healing issues of abuse.  Modalities and activities for transformation including Kundalini Yoga, meditation, music, dance, self discovery, relaxation, rejuvenation and camaraderie are all a part of this community gathering/weekly workshop.

While this circle IS a woman’s circle and specific for empowering women, we hold a high standard of appreciation towards men and the masculine.  Our purpose is liberty for all.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear your Goddess Clothing that brings out that energy in you.

WHAT NOT TO BRING:  No alcohol, drugs or smoking allowed on premises.   

Glacier Goddess Gathering is more than just a gathering — it's an educational, healing support system inspired and authored by Barbara Ellen to for education, healing, support and for the transformation of those who have experienced spiritual and/or sexual abuse.  Her vision is not only for your own empowerment to create the life of your dreams and becoming all of what you desire to step into - but also bringing forth a band of feminine love-force by healing and empowering women (and men) for the healing of our planet.

“How can somebody be bad from whom the kings are born, the prophets are born? How can there be a doormat, chick, prostitute? Call her anything, all names are wrong. These are angry expressions. These expressions belong to the animal in that woman; woman is nothing but an extraordinary radiance of God itself. There is nothing more celestial, nothing higher, nothing more in experience in brightness of the self in creativity. There is nothing more miracle than to be a woman. She is fulfillment of dreams; she is fulfillment of conceptions, all concept and all projections. Man is a helper in this game.” 
–Yogi Bhajan