What Is Kundalini Energy?


Kundalini is the energy that wakens the consciousness of the soul and produces whole human beings, teachers and yogis.   Kundalini  is dormant at the base of the spine within every human being until she has been awakened.  When the Kundalini Energy awakens, she rises within a person, a direct connection is made through the body to source energy.  

In reality, there is Creative Source Energy/ Creator/or “God”.  She-he is within every body.  She is dormant at the base of each spine until she is awakened.  She is called Kundalini.  When she awakens, she uncoils and  opens up within the human body.

Kundalini is your embodied connection to source energy.  A person who has awakened Kundalini has direct connection to source and is very powerful.

Kundalini Yoga was developed so that householders, married people, family people, real people, can also experience God.  It is the master science of experience and awareness for householders.   The technology was given to commoners so that they also could  experience awakening and connection to source.   As a householders yoga, Kundalini Yoga technology gives you the tools to accelerate your spiritual growth and healing AND be living an active life in the world.  

Be The Change!

At this time, humanity is coming out of one of the lowest frequency levels of existence ever recorded.  

There is a critical link necessary to connect to within our bodies, minds and spirits in order for us to experience health and peace in our lives and relationships.  The thoughts and patterns in our brains which we have been conditioned and addicted to often leave people disempowered and out of balance.

it is the frequency of thought in our minds that magnify and manifest our lives and living - whether it be health or dis-ease, poverty or abundance.  On the larger scale, the collective consciousness of humanity is what manifests on our planet in the ways of peace and safety or dis-ease and war.

Obviously, there is transformation necessary if we want to bring peace and safety to our world. And it starts with ourselves.  Me.  You.  It’s an inside job.

The discipline of Kundalini Yoga includes breath control, meditation, mantra and body postures for health and relaxation.  It’s purpose is to unite body-mind-spirit through the practices.   While it is not a religion, the technology is exactly what ‘religions’ are trying to teach but are not giving people a road-map to find it within themselves.