Conscious Life and Holistic Living

Has the spark gone from your once fulfilling relationship?  Do you know there is so much more you can be experiencing?   

Learn practices and principals to deeply connect, feel and transform your way of relating. 


Coaching addresses relationship and the emotional and psychological issues that get in the way of connecting on a deeper level as well as education for a new way of communicating and relating more effectively.    While this is not therapy, if you have suffered in relationship, I hold space for you finding the beauty of who you truly be.  

My coaching approach is non-judgmental, practical and deeply nurturing.  I am deeply committed to offering my complete presence and compassion to hold the space for you to express yourself freely and process what holds you back to step into your fullness.


Phone or Skype Sessions:  These sessions are educational coaching sessions for individuals or couples wanting to learn practices and principals for deeply connected intimacy and expanded pleasure but can not meet me in person.  We will talk about your concerns and learn new ways of being so you may have the life and relationship you long for! 

 In Person Talk-Coaching Sessions:  (Same as Phone or Skype Sessions but in person)