A Shaman has journeyed deep into metaphysical levels of their psyche and being at a emotional soul level to attain profound healing and self realization.  

The journey is going within - to find our spirit guides and receive what they have to offer us.  A Shaman may use different modalities to guide this inward meditation such as drumming, music, breathwork, herbs, sound and dance.  The experience often brings us back to past unhealthy experiences we need to revisit and release their ties and limiting blocks within the body which keep us from living life to the fullest.  

A Shaman serves to guide others into themselves so they may transform limiting ways of being and rid themselves of that which no longer serves their experience and expression of being.

What you can expect:

We will begin the session by talking about your experiences, beliefs and thought patterns and what is most recurring in your life.  We will talk about how those things are serving you and what would serve you better.  

I will talk with you about energetic blocks that occur in the body, how this happens, where the blocks become trapped and some different methods of loosening them and removing them from the body.

Then, we will create a safe space to be guided through sound and specific music as we meditatively breathe and allow your body and being to go into the psyche to access and release trauma and energetic blocks within you.  Consciously using the body, mind, emotions, and spirituality, this is the most effective and quickest way of moving blocked energy through the body.  You may have visions and deep spiritual realizations and remember things you have hidden from yourself.